Monday, July 11, 2011

I Love Thrifting Party!

Hello Beauty's! So this past weekend Katie Mac from The Mac Styles hosted the I <3 Thrifting party.  It was held at A Perfect Fit Resale Boutique where the owner is a close and dear friend of Katie Mac's family.  Let me tell you ladies, this resale shop holds true to it's name! It was so adorable! The items in there were beautiful and will definitely having me coming back and get this......THEY HAVE LAY-A-WAY!!! What the what??? A resale shop with a lay-a-way?! Shut the front door!!! So not only can I get great items for less but I can take my sweet time paying for it?!?! Win and Win!! There was a great turn out and as promised, I have pics! Check it out....

Shandha: She did a super cute DIY with her I <3 Thrifting shirt!

This is what she did with the back! AWESOME!

Priscilla & The Bean (the baby) He was thrifting too! :)
She got a cute little Cat In The Hat Onesie! Too Cute!! 
Joycelyn & Katie Mac (Joycelyn had a DIY shirt)
Yours truly....Katie Mac and her infectious smile! :)
Myself, Joycelyn, Geli, Shandha & Fitz! We were FIERCE!!
All of the wonderful ladies who came out to support this great event!

Katie Mac was so awesome that she even created survival kits for everyone who came out. Gotta Love that Katie Mac!! They were really cute, take a look......

The Mac Styles Survival Kit
The contents (including a really sweet Thank You card, So Classy!)

As you can see, this was a very successful event and we had an amazing time! What's not included in these pics (I hate I didnt get a shot of it) is the beautiful spread that was laid out. It consisted of an array of cheeses, fruits, sausage, crackers, mints & Pinot Grigio! It was definitely picture perfect! I'm so proud of Katie Mac and I'm sure that she's already contemplating her next event. Whenever & wherever it is.....Strictlihair will be in the house! Until next time Beauty's....stay tuned! :)


  1. Looks like you guys had a good time..

  2. WOW, looks like you all had a great time. Great job on the DIY T's!

  3. Looks like you all had soo much fun! :))

  4. The DIY T's are AWESOME!!!! Look like sooo much fun! ~Hopefully, I will get around to posting ATL Bloggers thrifting Party Pic's later today! :D

  5. Look at me and Beanie!! He's famous before he's even out the belly! lol

  6. @Jarette....We REALLY did! Thanks for stopping by! :)
    @Sonya....We had a great time! And the DIY T's were so fabulous! :)
    @Inez....Girl, It was a blast! We found so many deals! :)
    @ LA Lynn....Thank You! I can't wait to see your pics!! :)
    @Scilla.....You & Bean are Super Stars! He is famous....ALREADY.COM!!! LOL! :)

  7. Woohoo, we had a blast and we gotta do it again....I think you need to make a video on those DIY and Shandha...I like it!

  8. Apparently I was the only there without my camera! Boo to me! We didn't get to chat much but the next time there is an event, let's run and hug each other like we've been long lost friends!

  9. I had an awesome time!!!!! I think I can really get into this whole blogging World ( I absolutely like it),,,

  10. LuciLui girl we had a blast...I can't wait until our next event...hint hint @ K-Mac

  11. Looks like it was such a blast!!! Glad you ladies enjoyed!


  12. I sooo wish I couldve been there! Next time I come home, us TX girls are gonna have to do something!

  13. I sooo wish I couldve been there! Next time I come home, us TX girls are gonna have to do something!

  14. Cute post!!! I love the idea and I love thrifting as well :). I'm a new reader. Cute blog :)


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