Monday, May 30, 2011

Something NEW to DO

Hey, Hey Beauty's!! I know, I's been a while.  Well, I was absent because I have been wrecking my brains trying to figure out what the heck I wanted to do to this head of mine! As you all can see from previous posts, there aren't too many hairstyles that I haven't already had. Therefore, I was sort of at a stand still! Then, I got to thinking....I wanted to do something that was really cute! Something that says I can go to work and be professional, as well as something that I can jazz up if I decided to go out (which I rarely do). Also, something I can just throw in a ponytail when I'm having one of those lazy days! I think I've nailed it so here we go.....

Now, believe it or not I've NEVER worn this particular length in this hair before.  However, I have worn this type of hair.  Check it out below.....

Remember that.....this is the same kind of hair, except it was in an 8" versus the 10" & 12" blend that I have on above.  Now I was a little leary about wearing the longer length. But, I said what the heck! The good thing about rocking a weave is that it doesn't last forever.  As I got closer to the finish of it, I began to feel good about it. OH, did I forget to mention that I did this myself??? Yep, this was one my do-it-yourself jobs. I was sort of forced to do it because Lord knows I didn't really want to! Thing about it is, my stylist refuses to spend her entire Saturday in the beauty salon; which I totally understand because as a client, I dont want to be in there ALL day long (been there, done that)! So on Saturday's she accepts clients from 4am-6am.  Meaning, if you're not there by 6am, chances are you're not getting your hair done. Long story short, I overslept Sautrday morning and I had to fend for myself. :( But, all in all....I think I did pretty well! I can't wait to rock this in different ways and of course I will post pics Beauty's....stay tuned! :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Hair Care- Fried, Dyed & Laid to the Side

Hello My Beauty's & Happy Hump Day!(even though it's almost over) I dont have a photo to post right now so I thought I'd give you ladies a little insight into the hair care products I use.  One would think after all the styling, & frying that's done to my hair every other week that it would be thin, brittle & broken. Well, luckily for me it's not. My Mom likes to think it's just good genes (because her hair is SUPER thick as well).  Me personally, I truly believe it's the hair care products I use as well as my own lilttle "do's" and "dont's". So, I'm going to share with you what I use when I'm not at the beauty salon.  Enjoy!! :)

Panten Full & Thick Shampoo and Conditioner

Now I know you all may be thinking, "why Pantene, especially as a woman of color?" Well let me tell ya, I have been using Pantene for YEARS and it is amazing! It is one of the few shampoos and conditioners out there that does exactly what it claims to do! It leaves your hair squeeky clean, it helps with repairing breakage, it protects against split ends, and ultimately it removes all build up from daily products such as oil sheens and hair sprays. It also locks in my color whenever I've put a fresh black rinse on my hair. The conditioner gives my hair plenty of volume and shine!! For someone who LOVES her jet black hair, SHINE is MUST!!!

**Tip- It may seem easier to comb your hair out when it's still wet after your wash. Fact is, this is when hair is more subject to breakage if you comb it while it's wet! (ever notice how much hair is in that comb or brush when you do this...that's why) I usually blow dry my hair then re-wet it with water in a spray bottle so that I can lay it down and get under the dryer.**

Let's move on to the products I use after my shampoo and condition, shall we.

Motions Foaming Wrap Lotion

 I REFUSE to use gel in my hair! So as an alternative, I use Motions Foaming Wrap Lotion to lay my hair down to give it that smooth, straight look just like you get at the Beauty Salon. This basically takes the place of both gel and that "old school" setting lotion such as Lotta body. The wrap lotion will stretch your hair as you wrap it giving you that extra length. Once it's wrapped, you can sit under the dryer (for best results) or you can allow it to air dry. Once it's completely dry, combing it out and styling is a breeze!

**Tip- Once you've wrapped your hair it would be best to use wrap strips to hold your hair in place as it dries.  For those ladies with short hair, it prevents you from having those dents and creases in your hair that a traditional head scarf or a head wrap tend to cause. Wrap strips are very reasonable costing anywhere from $1.99-$3.99 (depending on the amount of strips you want)**

Lastly, here's what I use for shine once my hair has dried and I'm prepared to style!

Smooth N Shine Hair Polisher
Finally, this is what I use to unwrap my hair after it has dried. As I mentioned earlier, the Foaming wrap lotion makes combing out and styling a breeze! This polisher gives your hair that extra shine and because it's light, it doesn't weigh your hair down and give it that heavy limp feeling. For my short hair ladies who's rocking those spikes and mohawks, this is perfect for that ultimate all over shine. You'd simply pour a bean size amount in your hand, rub together and masage your hair from roots to tip and style!

**Tip- This polisher is great for flat ironing hair.  Because it's light, you will continue to have that bounce and movement that you wouldn't get when using Oil Sheen. And it'll also give you a shine that looks natural and not greasy.**

Well Ladies, I truly hope that you all have enjoyed and will benefit from my hair tips. These are the products that I use religiously and as you all can see from my photos as much as I change hairstyles, the average person would have major damage! But it doesnt stop there Beauty's, I have many more tips that I will definitely be sharing with you all in the future....stay tuned! :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Stylez I've Rocked

As I've mentioned in my Welcome I plan on showing you all different styles I've rocked and styles that I dare to wear. I make it my duty to try and switch my look up at least every 2 weeks. For most people an outfit is what brings their entire look together; but for me it's my hair that makes my outfit POP! Check out some of my styles from the past and few styles for the future! Enjoy! :)

Deep wave spiral curls on a cap
Two tone straight hair that was curled w/a flat iron

Short cut w/flips
Short cut w/blue hair added

Duby hair- My Fav :)

A-symmetrical bob

Duby hair w/Pink hair added

A-symmetrical Bob w/a bang on a cap- My latest look!

Short cut curled all around

Short cut with spikes- Did it myself :)
A-symmetrical bob w/swoop bang
Duby Hair
Short cut w/spikes & purple hair added
Two tone hair-straighted
Spiral curls on a cap
Duby Hair
Kinky twist
Kinky twist

Short Cut w/pink hair added

I've been pretty weaved out lately because I'm going through that horrible "letting my hair grow back" transition.  This a very unsatisfying time for me because I love wearing my hair short! But, then I get those moments when I wish I had my thick, healthy black hair! I truly believe this is why I enjoy the Duby hair so much because that is how my own hair looks when it's all grown out! Unfortunately, I'm stuck in that in-between stage where it's too long to rock a hot short style and too short to rock it alone....Woe is me! Needless to say, I'm gonna keep at it and continue my hair growth journey only to probably chop it all off again!

Here's some of the styles I'm interested in the next time I go see my stylist in the next week or so! I will definitely be posting pics of my new "do" so stay tuned! :)

The Houston Black Expo 2011!

 So this year my girls and I hit the 2011 Houston Black Expo! For those of you wondering what that is, it's a convention where Black entrepreneurs gather and showcase their products and talent! For those that need some informaton or perhaps a little encouragement on how to become successful businessmen or women, there's also seminars and motivational speakers to help out along the way. Judging by the atmosphere surrounding us, the girls and I got the impression that this years theme was geared towards "natural hair". It was an amazing event and I definitely encourage all of you local and non local future business owners to participate next year. It's wonderful for networking and getting your name and products out there to the masses! Here's some of the things we got a chance to see! Enjoy!

Beautiful hand made, hand painted bags!

There were SO many to choose from and each one was more beautiful than the next!!

Headbands with REAL candy on them. No fear, the candy was treated so it will never go bad! Simply Adorable! :)

Christie L.
She's a Stylist from the brand new Cre'me De La Cre'me Beauty Salon. She was AWESOME! She had a full fledge salon going on right there at the Expo!

  Chiristie did her hair the night before. She's one of the Lady's that works in the boutique that's also apart of the salon.

Here's a back shot of Britney's hair! Absoulutely BEAUTIFUL! Oh and here's the best part.....she's natural! No chemicals WHATSOEVER!!!

This is just a smaill snipet of the hair that Christie was doing. She made those cute spiral curls with an iron called "the wand" I wish I had taken a photo of the finished product because it was gorgeous! :(

For those ladies who love extensions, (such as myself) they even have hair in stock at the salon. They carry 100% Virgin Indian, Brazilian, Malyaysion & Russian Hair! about upscale!

We later found out that Cre'me De La Cre'me isn't JUST a beauty salon. They also have a boutique, and a beauty supply on site. They specialize in eyelash extensions, eyebrow shaping, make-overs & they even have a professional former M.A.C. make-up artist to do make-up applications. They all had it going on and I wish them all the luck on their new business venture! I'll definitely keep you all posted WHEN I go there! :)

We also saw Mr. J. Anthony Brown. Comedian and DJ from the Tom Joyner Morning Show! He was so funny & very down to earth! And did you know he makes his own hot sauce?! There were tastings for it and it was very yummy! He showcased it there and you can purchase it on his website, I plan on making my purchase VERY soon! 

And then, there's lil ole me....Luci-lui :)