Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sunday Brunch With The Fam!

Hey Beauty's! Long time no hear from right? Well, I've been pretty busy lately. I went on vacation from work (AHHHHH), I got my hair braided early Saturday morning, and I had a fabulous brunch on Sunday for my birthday!! Let me start by saying that I feel so blessed to have been able to see another year of life! It feels so good to be healthy & happy and there's nothing like sharing moments like that with friends & family!  I was able to hang out with my usual crew, Katie Mac & Fitz as well as my Hubby and a few other friends on my birthday at Cyclone Anaya's! And while I show you all pics of the awesome time we had, I also get to debut my kinky twist!

It's ME....The Birthday Girl!
Me and My Husband all posed up! Shocker...he's not much for pics! LOL!!

Katie Mac & Fitz
Tracy & Trice

Here's the Tres Leches Cake that was complimentary for my B-day!
Here's our LAZY waitor- Jeff! Dude was funny, but it was clear that he did NOT wanna be at work!

So after brunch we went into the courtyard by the restaurant to take pics!
We hit this small little cupcake shop and we were posed up!

Katie Mac- Fab as always
It's me again!

Katie Mac & Shandha Lee
Tracy & Fitz

 All in all, I has such a wonderful time with my girls & Hubby! All of my homies couldn't make it but hey, that didn't stop us not one bit!! I can't wait til this Friday because we're hitting up The Tasting Room. More good times, good drinks, good food & GREAT friends!!! Until next time Beauty's....stay tuned! :)


  1. LuciLui I had a blast .... we tried to shut down City Centre!!

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  3. @Fitz, Thank you SO much for spending my day with me! I had a blast as well! I have a feeling we are gonna shut it down this Friday at Abby's event! I feel it in my gut! LOL!!! :)

  4. Happy Birthday!!! Looks like you guys had a great time! Love the kinky twist.

  5. Happy Birthday Diva! Ooohh..la la...you look beautiful..and those shoes are definitely something special! LOVE em! Looks like you had a great time with your crew!! Great pics!


  6. Happy BDAY, looks like you had a great time! love those wedges!!

    Very nice pictures!

  7. Looks like good times right there!!! Happy Belated Birthday!!! YOur hair looks great!

  8. Happy Birthday. Looks like you really enjoyed your special day. lovin those shoes :)

  9. You looked so fabulous on your birthday and those shoes are on fire…love them and wish I could wear them…We had so much fun that day. We need to do brunch once a month…

  10. I love your shoes! Do you mind sharing where you purchased them from?

  11. @Sonya...Thank you! We really did have ALOT of fun!! I wish I could've posted all the pics, there were so many to choose from! :)

    @Myeshia....Thank you so much!! I always have a good time with my crew! :)

    @Inez...Thank you! We had a blast! And I Love my wedges too! I'm trying to wear them with everything I own! LOL! :)

    @Trice...Thank You Chic!! It was Good Times! As for my hair...anything that has as little maintenance as possible! LOL! :)

    @Rose....Thank you! I absolutely enjoyed my day! Being with friends & Fam made all the more special for me! :)

    @Katie Mac....Thank you for spending my day with me! I really enjoyed you ladies as usual! And I agree, we should do a brunch once a month! Im so totally onboard! :)

    @ Anonymous....They are the Forwood's from Aldo! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  12. Happy Belated birthday! Looks like you had a great brunch!!


  13. I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!! Happy Belated. I just commented on Katie Mac's blog telling her how fashion forward her friends were, you included!! LOVE the color blocking outfit, subtle, but definitely HOT!!! So glad I found your blog. Now following :)


  14. Hey Luci! Happy Belated Birthday! :D I'm mad i didn't know about the party. And those shoes....chile those shoes. FAB! Do it girl!


  15. @Jen...Thank you! It truly was a great brunch! Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

    @SheDel.....I had an absolutely wonderful birthday! Thank so much for checking out my blog and following! I cant wait to stop by and check out yours as well! :)

    @K.D....Hey Lady!! Thank you for the belated Birthday wish Buddy! I had been watching those shoes forever and I thought what better gift to get myself. Glad you like'em! Thanks for visiting my blog K.D.! See ya Monday! :)

  16. I LOVE YOUR HAIR! You look like you had a fabulous time and I thank you so much for being so supportive of my blog! comme-coco.blogspot.com

    You are the best

  17. Sending birthday wishes your way and wishing you many more! ~U all look great… it’s always a JOY to spend time with friends and even more of a JOY when it’s on your BORN Day!!!!
    And, your SHOES are something to write home about!!!! LOVE THEM!!!!


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