Monday, May 23, 2011

Stylez I've Rocked

As I've mentioned in my Welcome I plan on showing you all different styles I've rocked and styles that I dare to wear. I make it my duty to try and switch my look up at least every 2 weeks. For most people an outfit is what brings their entire look together; but for me it's my hair that makes my outfit POP! Check out some of my styles from the past and few styles for the future! Enjoy! :)

Deep wave spiral curls on a cap
Two tone straight hair that was curled w/a flat iron

Short cut w/flips
Short cut w/blue hair added

Duby hair- My Fav :)

A-symmetrical bob

Duby hair w/Pink hair added

A-symmetrical Bob w/a bang on a cap- My latest look!

Short cut curled all around

Short cut with spikes- Did it myself :)
A-symmetrical bob w/swoop bang
Duby Hair
Short cut w/spikes & purple hair added
Two tone hair-straighted
Spiral curls on a cap
Duby Hair
Kinky twist
Kinky twist

Short Cut w/pink hair added

I've been pretty weaved out lately because I'm going through that horrible "letting my hair grow back" transition.  This a very unsatisfying time for me because I love wearing my hair short! But, then I get those moments when I wish I had my thick, healthy black hair! I truly believe this is why I enjoy the Duby hair so much because that is how my own hair looks when it's all grown out! Unfortunately, I'm stuck in that in-between stage where it's too long to rock a hot short style and too short to rock it alone....Woe is me! Needless to say, I'm gonna keep at it and continue my hair growth journey only to probably chop it all off again!

Here's some of the styles I'm interested in the next time I go see my stylist in the next week or so! I will definitely be posting pics of my new "do" so stay tuned! :)


  1. Awwwww you're such a cutie Luci Lui! You are rockin' all those hair styles girl! I LOVE it!
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment. I really appreciate the love:))

  2. Thanks for stopping by Full-Figured Diva! I appreciate the love as well!! :)

  3. Girl you are fabulous I love all of your styles! So versatile you are!!! Go girl!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

  4. I have never met anyone that can wear every hairstyle and they all look great until I came across your blog, this is such a breath of fresh air and this brown girl will be checking in to see what you do next, great blog. REALLY!

  5. Got dog it Luci Lui you nailed it. I've always admired you hair styles and the world had better brace themselves for what's coming next. Love Love Love it!!!!

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  7. @Inez....Thank you so much! I SO enjoy your blog! Your outfits, your accessories, & your shoes are all to die for!! I love that us healthy girls can get out there and be FASHIONABLY FABULOUS!! Thanks for stopping by!! :)

    @Natashia....Awww, Thanks alot!!! I appreciate the love! I get bored very easily when it comes to hairstyles, I think I may have hair ADD...LOL!(as you can probably tell)Thank you for stopping by and I will definitely have a new style this weekend so stay tuned! :)

    @Katie Mac...Thanks Friend! :)

    @Fitz....Thanks Homie! You know how I do! I think I Love my hair just as much as I love my shoes! FOR REAL!

  8. You are rocking them all. Love the Duby hair!

  9. You have a very pretty face, you can rock just about any hairstyle!


  10. Your blog was mentioned on Style&Poise -- I luv your versatile hair choices. I definitely like to experiment and all your looks are so cute and fab you definitely have a face for it!!

    I'm going to have to try that Deep Wave Spiral -- and Duby is a favorite! Glad I found u'r blog!


  11. I love all of your hairstyles! OMG fabulous! Wish I knew someone that could lay it down like that here in Miami, I am too weary of letting people mess with my hair. Too many horror stories.

  12. love the hairstyles! , ur very pretty and yu pulld evry one of dem off!

  13. really love the photo with the Chinese bang of you with the yellow shirt...but im going threw about the same thing you are the trying to get my hair to grow bk out and im now gna try the curly look i hope its cute on me...u have a really nice and organized profile too

  14. I really love all your styles and I've always hated the way duby hair looked but after aeeing your hair you made me think totally different and I now I'm considering getting my next style with it. I guess as long as it's styled right it can be cute.

  15. You are rocking those styles!! You have given me the confidence to try a few!!

  16. What type of Duby Hair did you use>
    To do the pink streak....

    & What type of hair did you use for the two-toner
    Two tone straight hair that was curled w/a flat iron.


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