Monday, May 23, 2011

The Houston Black Expo 2011!

 So this year my girls and I hit the 2011 Houston Black Expo! For those of you wondering what that is, it's a convention where Black entrepreneurs gather and showcase their products and talent! For those that need some informaton or perhaps a little encouragement on how to become successful businessmen or women, there's also seminars and motivational speakers to help out along the way. Judging by the atmosphere surrounding us, the girls and I got the impression that this years theme was geared towards "natural hair". It was an amazing event and I definitely encourage all of you local and non local future business owners to participate next year. It's wonderful for networking and getting your name and products out there to the masses! Here's some of the things we got a chance to see! Enjoy!

Beautiful hand made, hand painted bags!

There were SO many to choose from and each one was more beautiful than the next!!

Headbands with REAL candy on them. No fear, the candy was treated so it will never go bad! Simply Adorable! :)

Christie L.
She's a Stylist from the brand new Cre'me De La Cre'me Beauty Salon. She was AWESOME! She had a full fledge salon going on right there at the Expo!

  Chiristie did her hair the night before. She's one of the Lady's that works in the boutique that's also apart of the salon.

Here's a back shot of Britney's hair! Absoulutely BEAUTIFUL! Oh and here's the best part.....she's natural! No chemicals WHATSOEVER!!!

This is just a smaill snipet of the hair that Christie was doing. She made those cute spiral curls with an iron called "the wand" I wish I had taken a photo of the finished product because it was gorgeous! :(

For those ladies who love extensions, (such as myself) they even have hair in stock at the salon. They carry 100% Virgin Indian, Brazilian, Malyaysion & Russian Hair! about upscale!

We later found out that Cre'me De La Cre'me isn't JUST a beauty salon. They also have a boutique, and a beauty supply on site. They specialize in eyelash extensions, eyebrow shaping, make-overs & they even have a professional former M.A.C. make-up artist to do make-up applications. They all had it going on and I wish them all the luck on their new business venture! I'll definitely keep you all posted WHEN I go there! :)

We also saw Mr. J. Anthony Brown. Comedian and DJ from the Tom Joyner Morning Show! He was so funny & very down to earth! And did you know he makes his own hot sauce?! There were tastings for it and it was very yummy! He showcased it there and you can purchase it on his website, I plan on making my purchase VERY soon! 

And then, there's lil ole me....Luci-lui :)





  1. Luci Lui, The Expo was so much fun and informative we have to go again! Great job on the blog post. :)

  2. Thanks Katie Mac! I agree, we have to do it again next year for sure! Thanks for your advice & help with me starting my blog! :)


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